About us

Terra Inspectioneering started as RoNik Inspectioneering at May 13th, 2016. Since then, Terra Inspectioneering is known for their inspections using aerial robots, also known as drones.

We specialize in preforming inspections inside confined spaces, like storage tanks. Most of our clients are operating in the oil- and gas-sector, but Terra also offers its services to companies operating in the food- and beverage-sector, the power-sector and the chemical-sector. Our focus is on measuring the thickness of the tank walls. Terra has developed and patented the technology of measuring wall thickness using drones. Our services also include visual and thermal inspections. The collected inspection data by the drone is shared via a cloud-based 3D-model of the inspection object, which the client gets access to. 

Using drones for inspections has various advantages. Firstly, the safety-aspect of the inspection get maximized. For example, there is no more need for working at heights. Secondly, the efficiency improves. The downtime significantly gets reduced when preforming inspections with drones. Finally, the collection of data improves in quantity and quality.

Terra Inspectioneering delivers certified inspection reports conformant to standards like API-653 and EEMUA-159.

For a safer workplace!

Our technology is proven technology. Some examples are shown below. Contact us for more references and applications.